Berufsbildende Schulen des
Landkreises Nienburg/Weser

31582 Nienburg - Berliner Ring 45 - Tel. 05021-6090

BBS in General

BBS Nienburg in General

BBS Nienburg in General

The BBS Nienburg (Berufsbildende Schule Nienburg) is a college of further education attended by approximately 3000 students in different educational areas.

180 teachers provide lessons in full-time as well as in part-time education.

Part-time education takes place according to the German “Dual Education System”.It comprises theoretical education at the BBS one or two days a week and the practical training in companies.

The different educational areas are:

1. the Sixth Form College
2. the department of Economics, Administration and Health Care
3. the department of Social and Personal Care
4. the department of Nutrition Science, Home Economics and Agriculture
5. the department of Construction, Wood Working and Interior Design
6. the department of Electrical Engineering
7. the department of Metal Working, Metal Construction and Automobile Technology |